How do I use online pickup?

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View our products available for pickup here.


Purchase products available for pickup through our website. Please bring either your digital or printed receipt with you when picking up your order. If you encounter any issues call us during store hours at 240-802-2241.


Come by the store within 24hours after placing your order. Please bring a valid ID and proof of purchase (your digital or printed receipt).

How old do I have to be to be a customer?

All of our products are intended for legal use by adults 18+. You must show a valid ID for pickup orders and regular store purchases.

Do you sell Kratom or CBD products?

We do not sell Kratom. Right now, the only CBD product we sell is Holy Water by Holy Grail. In the near future are looking to carry a variety of CBD products.

Do you sell synthetic urine?

No. We do not sell synthetic urine or other related products.

Any other questions?

Come by the store and we’d love to help answer any of your lingering questions.

If you can’t come by feel free to contact us:

thehivemd@gmail.com                    240-802-2241